Album artwork tends to be underrated in the Nashville market. In the peak era of commercial music, vinyl records provided a canvas for captivating listeners at a record store who had never even heard the album. In 2018, in the digital age, the art of catching the attention of window shoppers is often overlooked, but is just as crucial as ever.

When we sat down to work on “Dirt On Us” by Cold River Records artist, Drew Baldridge, we sought to create something eye catching and outstanding from the traditional approach. Using bright red and black and white, we developed album packaging that had a consistent theme and an eye-catching cover that still granted to expected components of a country album. This theme was delivered through the album, his website, his socials, posters, merchandise, and various other promotions.


Album Artwork


Cold River Records


Develop a poster and plaque design to be printed, arranged and framed.


Kevin Fisher